??????-but what if i could all of the sudden walk

would it all be green?
your skin lights up the dark, you should get some color on that filthy thing you call a body.
when was the last time you were a really good friend, I said and turned of the lights and went out of the room.
the only thing that keeps you going is death, so hold on to it, beloved one.
if you dont know what cancer is, then you'll never get it.
if you dont know what life is, then you'll never have one? what the fuck, shut up.

these are my drugs, pick the one you would like the least.

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Ming Unn

22.jul.2008 kl.11:30

but what if I hate them all?


22.jul.2008 kl.14:37

yes. what if?

Ming Unn

12.aug.2008 kl.20:25

no, I love them all

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