gammelt nytt

jeg fikk lyst til poste noe dritt jeg skrev i en helt annen sammenheng i en helt annen tidsalder

dead pussy afraid

there she goes again
hangin out with her new gang
touching all the boys hairs
lets face it, she's dead.

dead pussy, dead dead pussy
afraid of pussy, afraid afraid of her own pussy

shake me out
of your head, your head
again again again again again
i am a plastic fork
that you need to eat your food
but when you are finished and dont need more food
you trow it away
and join the ranks of the fed ones
that dont have to care about forks no more


rafael olaxi
ramda ramda
laksa kaks
refalke maro faksa braks
reks a fleks
po beks or freks


jzs x

Jesus didnt come for nothing
with his sperm all over the wall
he was raised for about three and a half hours
thats why they named him the "Son of God"
cause sex is really all that matters
and God is just a prohpet of the art
of being able to preform
the dong should be worn
to protect you from the dangers
of humanity and reproduction
because you can never know
if your kid is the new hitler to be born (stygg, new version goes: "If your kid is the carrier of the fucking aids")

Fuck all the sand

that is sliding down in my pants

its so fucking annoying


i wish i could destroy sand

and rock and roll

and most boys

fuck sand,

it has no substance

its only


sand is her sex toy

mother earth, mother fuck

but its not working for me



- =="="== -

?? 1 1 ??

22222222 3


jeg hper jeg likte det, jeg skriver sremne, kos meg med det, det gr nok til hevlete for meg, jeg er kjekk, godnatt ole torjus :*

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Ming Unn

07.mar.2008 kl.01:00

Dead pussy on the sand. Sex on the beach.

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